Through all the cultural and societal changes that have taken place in the last ten years , have American churches missed their calling, their opportunity to stand?

Concerned christians of the nineties read all of the books of the coming persecution. Now that it’s here, what are ‘we’ doing about it? How do the churches deal with those challenging Christianity?

Here’s the deal, most christians are not ” haters.” Most christians do not hate the gay community. However, most christians do hate and must fight against the LGBTQ + agenda. Here’s why: Looking back to ancient Israel and ( God’s chosen people, the Jews) God commanded the people not to mix with the known “other God worshipping peoples.”

God warned them not to do this because he knew what would happen. The Israelites would begin to worship the foreign gods and accept their lifestyles.

As for the “modern day” church, she should love all, or “Love the sinner but not the sin.” The challenge that christians have is that God-made the rules, christians are just aligning themselves with Gods word. God says certain things are an abomination to Him. The christian gets condemned for aligning with the Word of God. The unbelieving world needs to take their flight to God, not with the christian, necessarily. The christian needs to stand up and explain why they believe what they believe. This must be done in a loving, caring way. The challenge for the christian is that he/she must deal with an angry liberal mob of God haters. Still, christians must stand and fight for what they believe in. The unbelievers will certainly fight for what they believe. There is truly nothing new under the sun. The battle between good and evil, life-and-death, continues and has been going on since the garden of Eden. People, whether they know it or not, are aligning themselves with the spirit of life or the spirit of death ( through their life choices ) The church must be ready and be an example to the unbelieving world. To me, this means not compromising on what we believe.

The trail is calling.

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