Excerpts/Paraphrased from THE GREAT RESET– Marc Morano. The truth is being revealed. Do you have ears to hear and eyes to see? Put on your thinking caps. Comments by Frankie. *People being afraid to criticize something or someone because the perceived wisdom of the masses is that the person or thing is good or important. ( I give you Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and long ago The Clintons, more recently Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and many other Democrats, also some RINO’S) The duping of America continues.

An early example of state – sanctioned emergency powers comes from looking at Rome’s dictators. “Emergency powers have come a long way. They have become commonplace and global.” Ref Luke Kemp–Center For Study of Existential Risk at the University of Cambridge. Subject- Abuse of Emergency Powers.

The entire Third Reich occurred during a state of emergency that lasted for 12 years. It began in 1933 after Hitler invoked article 48 of the Weimar Republic, allowing for the use of emergency decrees without parliamentary approval. The abuse of emergency powers also marked the descent from Republic to Empire in Rome. Look at the middle ages and what happened in Chile and the apartheid in South Africa.

The 2001 USA Patriot Act allowed the US Congress itself to expand surveillance powers,” Kemp wrote. Emergency powers tend to work from the top down. Emergency powers reinforce those atop hierarchies in the state and significantly curtail the freedoms, voice and agency of citizens, often in a draconian fashion.

Today’s politicians have used the coronavirus, terrorism, climate change, “terrorism,” “gun violence,” and so forth to justify government, “emergency” declarations. Many government leaders pounced on the declared COVID emergency and became virtual dictators overnight.

In 2022, the Department of Homeland Security even issued a “National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin.” warning that anyone who “undermine[s] public trust in government institutions” is now considered a terrorist threat.

Attorney Michael P. Singer, Author of China’s Global Lockdown Propaganda Campaign.” pointed out, “As a rule of thumb, if you find yourself supporting a two year state of emergency, censorship, suspension of the rights of broad swathes of the population, and permanent changes to the way human beings interact, you’re probably on the wrong side of histor.”

Justin Haskins ( Heartland Institute) sums up the Great Reset this way: In June 2020, the World Economic Forum — Working alongside officials from large corporations, banks, financial institutions, and activist groups launched a far reaching initiative that aims to push the reset button on the global economy. They ominously called it the great reset, and since it’s creation it has received a massive amount of support from the leaders of the ruling class both here in the United States and around the world. Part rwo coming soon. Highly recommend getting a copy of Marc Moran’s book The Great Reset. It is eye-opening to put it mildly. Frankie The Earthman. littleraventhepoet.blog

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