Please read part one of The Emperor Has No Clothes before proceeding here.

Part Two: THE GREAT RESET by Marc Morano. Part verbatim, part paraphrased, part commentary.

Working with the Ireland based Freedom Alliance, Dr. Anne McCloskey published an editorial in the British Medical Journal complaining about the article “Covid – 19 Social Murder, They Wrote — Elected, Unaccountable, and Unrepentant.” She had also done a video detailing what happened to the world under the lockdowns, “Viruses don’t make laws, governments do.”

McCloskey said, “Across the world, there are millions of people who are awakening to the understanding, that this current health crisis, this so called pandemic, is a Trojan-horse, which has been used to introduce a new era for humanity –– the Great Reset, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Building Back Better— whatever catchy, chirpy name the bankers and billionaires are calling it, it’s not good for you and me, the ordinary people.

THE REAL COUP– In less than 12 months they closed our businesses, forced us to wear muzzles, kept us from our families, killed off our sports, burned down our cities, forcibly seized power and shut down our speech. Then, they accused *us* of the coup.” Raheen Kassam, former chief advisor to the Indepedence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage.

According to McCcloskey, “Relationships between individuals, families, communities, governments, and nations will change fundamentally. They are coming for you, your family, your job, your savings, your home, your culture, your traditions, your freedom, your very way of life – unless we unite to resist. We do not consent. This is not a conspiracy theory but the outworking of a scheme written by people who hate the human race. Agenda 21 has been implemented now and will come to pass unless we unite to resist.” PAUSE: HAVE YOU SINCERELY ASKED WHY DONALD TRUMP AND HIS FAMILY WERE USED, ABUSED, HARASSEFD, HARANGUED AND ALL BUT HUNG ON THE WHITE HOUSE LAWN BY THE DEEP STATE DEMOCRATS?; WHILE JOE Biden and his crime family skip merrily along while they attack every aspect of American society, and few seem to care, and knowing or unknowingly support it? Our media, DOJ, FBI, are complicit in this sweeping crime.

Mccloskey continued by describing the measures already experienced: What we did see ,,, was removal of our most inalienable rights to work, to air, to move, to associate, to kiss, to hug, to go to church, to bury our dead with dignity, to live our lives as we see fit, we saw the removal of our right to speak, to protest, to object to this tyranny. We saw censorship, character assassination, and banishment of scientists and professors who dared to offer an alternative narrative. We saw our children and young people locked up, denied their education, the right to play outside, to live their precious young lives however they and their parents saw fit. We’ve seen millions of the poorest and most marginalized people on the planet pushed to starvation and death because of the economic fall out because poverty kills.

Other consequences of Covid mandates: People abandoned by their health system. People in despair from loneliness, from isolation, from fear. People who haven’t seen their families or loved ones for months and whose lives are infinitely poorer as a result. We’ve seen cancer diagnoses delayed, people having cancer treatments canceled just willy- nilly, people dying waiting for elective procedures, and people in pain who can’t get help.

McCloskey concluded, “If we take away the psychological abuse of populations across this planet, using applied behavioral psychology designed to keep them in terror; if we can take away the signage, the arrows, the one-way systems, ‘walk,’, ‘don’t walk,’ the yellow notices on every flat surface, the santization, the masks, all the paraphernalia of this neuro-linguistic program and mental abuse, WHICH TELLS US WE ARE the biohazards, we are a danger to our families and friends, if we take all this away, there is nothing to see– “the emporer has no clothes.” As citizens suffered, politicians, government leaders, and the ruling classes saw nothing but the promise of a brighter future – for expanding massive government control.

Further comments by Frankie: Peculiar things that I have observed, experienced, witnessed in the human nature of people: I have some acquaintances, neighbors, who are very smart, successful men and women of the world. For the life of me ( though I really do understand why this occurs and for you, the readers sake), I wonder how people can exceI in “the ways of the world”, and be total ignoramuses about spiritual things. ( There is a mystery taking place here on earth, the interplay of man’s free will, and the ‘elect’ of God) If these ‘can’t see it’, there is no way they can believe it. Unfortunately or fortunately ( depending on your belief system), I am obliged to inform you that this world is on a collision course with war. This AGE IS ENDING. EVIL WILL BE DEALT WITH. THE One Thousand Year reign of Christ will be welcomed by believers dreaded by unbelievers. Next on God’s calendar of events is the Rapture, then the world is thrown into the TRIBULATION, AND THE APPEARANCE OF THE SUPER BEING ANTICHRIST, who will actually “dupe the masses into believing that he is God.” Hold onto your hats. We have been duped before.

Finally, It gives me great joy to present this scholarly work by Marc Morano. Please, do yourself and your loved ones a favor, purchase, and digest this book. Don’t be deceived. The great deceiver is coming. Frankie The Earthman.

Light exposes what is in the dark.

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