This word has been translated to mean mercy seat” or “lid of the ark.” It refers to when a Hebrew priest would make a sacrifice to God for the sins of the Israelites. In the book of Romans 3, Paul explains that Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice to permanently wash away all sin.

Having read this, mystery, misunderstanding about salvation can still lurk. The reading of this scripture can make it all sound so easy. Human beings try to attach a “universal, see God has saved everyone interpretation“, ( believed by many), but is there more to it? God said the just shall live by faith. So we can see that “faith” is the requirement. Without faith in Him, we can not please God. Some have to learn the difference between head knowledge and the transformation of the heart that comes with genuine salvation. Understand that “works can not save them.” However, good works should follow and are indicative of true salvation.”

Remember the story of Abraham. Before Jesus ever lived and died, God counted Abraham’s ” faih” as righteousness ( making him right with God). Frankie The Earthman.

Shadow of The Watchman.

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