Time to wake up America! Is there any escaping on what is coming for us? But first: For, we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6:12.

Reference THE GREAT RESET– Marc Morano.

Let’s look at the two components of THE GREAT RESET. The first is an expansion of government programs, taxes, and regulations, which together affect virtually every industry in the world. “The second, arguably much more important part of the Reset is the complete alteration of the way most of the world’s largest businesses are evaluated … Rather than try to improve markets by reading them of corruption, thegreat Reset supporters want to double down on cronyism by giving the ruling class — including central banks, academics, government officials, union leaders and corporate titans–greater control over markets.” Haskins wrote.

The way they plan to do this is through something called environmental, social, and government standards. (ESG), which are sometimes referred to as “sustainable investment,” “inclusive capitalism,” or “stockholder capitalism.”

“With ESG measures in place, businesses are evaluated based on the racial and gender composition of their staff, their carbon footprint, the size of their buildings, how committed they are to fighting climate change, and a bunch of other social Justice concerns. After being evaluated, companies are given ESG scores that are meant to help investors, regulators, and governments have a better understanding of who the “bad” and “good” companies are.” Haskins wrote.

And now the more alarming plans: An integral part of the Great Reset is central bank control of digital currency that will give governments the power to turn off your personal banking on a whim. ” So what are Central Bank Digital Currencies? Well, in a way,it’s like turning all money into food stamps. It can allow for all sorts of constraints to be placed on currency, including where, when, and by whom, and on what it can be spent, explained Alexandros Marinos, CEO of Balena Inc. “How far are we from a world where a pandemic is declared, and within a few months everyone is mandated to accept a medical procedure or lose access to their assets, or even the ability to buy food until they comply?” Marinos asked.

TRACKING YOUR LIFE: “Picture your life in a place where everything you do: What you buy, how you behave, is tracked. The government gives you a score, and the score is a measure of how trustworthy you are as a citizen. It sounds like that show Black Mirror, but it’s actually happening in China.”

Klaus Shwab’s book on the Great Reset makes it clear that whatever life you may have enjoyed before covid was based on a broken system that will not be returning. Schwab makes it seem like you should be happy that COVI 19 and the lockdown’s happened because the “crisis” will enable the vision of the Great Reset to move forward unabated. COVID 19 has been the great accelerate for the Great Reset.

Well, friends, if you think this whole thing is one big giant conspiracy theory, you better take a look at history. Look at how the Third Reich under Hiter was formed and the steps leading to the great atrocities of World War II. If you don’t see that this can happen again, then you don’t understand the dark heart of many human beings in this world; that will do anything for power and control over you me and our lives. This lawless spirit that has been loosed on the world is from our greatest enemy, the devil that was present in the garden of Eden. Frankie The Earthman. Again, hats off t the scholarly work of Marc Morano and THE GREAT RESET. Pass this material on to your loved ones.

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