The American government ( aligning itself with *Klaus Schwab ( *claims he and the WEF will be “masters of the future” through the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM’S global socialistic agenda and men like Al Gore, John Kerry, Bill Gates, Joe Biden, Trudeau, and a growing multitude of more supporters, too many to mention here); has taken on the role of Satan.

Every individual American and individuals throughout the world have assumed the role of Adam or Eve, whether they are aware of it, like it, identify with it, or care about it. (Satan attacked God’s first created beings in Adam and Eve, our government is attacking me and you) The radical left and the 2030 agenda does not value individuality or separate unique human creations of God but as a collective, expendable resource to provide for “their” elitism. These monstrous elitists devalue the common folk to the point of wanting to eliminate gender. In fact, I believe they don’t want us to have a gender. We should all be the same, with the cognitive ability of a rock. This is all about control. The elite does’nt want unbelievers in the Climate Change or 2030 Communist agenda takeover to procreate. They would like the average white person to be replaced by illegal immigrants, terrorists, drug smugglers, and the like. (I give you our open southern borders) Again, it’s all about control. It’s all about the democrats achieving a one party system. They can’t achieve thi goals with a “rebellious middle class.”

The third player is YHWH GOD, MIGHTY ELOHIM, The God of Abraham , Isaac, and Jacob.

With the players identified, let’s expose the American government in the role of Satan and its tactics, which began at least decades ago.

First, create and promote a spirit of hostile division between the races, through destroyers of unity like BLM, Virtue Signaling, Cancel Culture, Gaslighting, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and their ilk. When the democrats are in power, they waste all their time investigating the republicans. When the republicans are in power, they waste most of their time investigating the democrats. We the people, are lost in the wake of our executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government. The culture of America has been destroyed by political correctness. The Spirit of Division continues through the weaponization of the FBI and the DOJ. A recent example of Joe Biden’s neglect of our Southern border: Joe visits our Southern border to see what has been “planned for him to see” which is nothing close to the reality of what takes place at the border. Meanwhile, the drug cartels are running the show. The drug cartels are making in excess of 300 million dollars a week through human trafficking, the delivery of fentanyl, and other drugs. Moving on, crime is rampant in most Democrat run cities in America. Gavin Newsome (in the bloodline of Nancy Pelosi) wants to give reparations to all blacks and others to the tune of 5 million each.) This devil wants to be president, I say God forbid.

The American government in the role of Satan wants to turn all against God while they become your task masters. They have all but destroyed our education system, our military, sold critical land to China, send our ever depleting weapons, oil reserves, and supplies to the Ukraine.

So, we of the world find ourselves in the position of Adam-and-Eve. We have to make a decision: Who is it going to be that we worship/ believe God or the government?

Has God said, “You must not use up all the fossil fuels, you must drive electric vehicles, You cannot use gas stoves, Don’t make anyone feel uncomfortable by achieving what God-made you to achieve.” Has God said, ” I made you all to be the same.” Has God said that He didn’t make enough resources for the lifespan and demands of 6 billion people on the earth and that we must save it? Has God-given us permission to kill each other over oil and land and natural resources and even a $150 pair of Nike shoes? Did God say, “Go ahead and kick me out of your schools. I’m sure you can handle it on your own?” Did God say create a wrongly interpreted law to kill some 63 million babies, being Roe vs. Wade of 1973? Does God approve of our governments wreckless spending of the taxpayers’ money to make themselves rich? Did God say it’s OK for transgender perverts to teach our precious children under the age of 7, or any age, for that matter, about gender issues? Does God scratch His head and wonder why we don’t see our enemy and that our enemy is the government and ourselves? All for now, written entirely by Frankie The Earthman. This is an updated version of BACK TO THE GARDEN OF EDEN.

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