Backslidden, meaning collectively as a nation, certainly not individually.

I guess we should look back over fairly recent history going back to post World War II, the fifties and sixties, for recent “origins of America’s decline.”

I believe history shows America’s slide to decline, and turmoil began after our post World War II successes, the beginnings of the nuclear family in the fifties, the broad daylight assassination of John F. Kennedy, and Martin Luther king. This is followed by the RFK assassination.

America was recovering from our post World War II stupor, moving on from our celebration of the defeat of Hitler. I believe the mistake made was that it would take “us” decades to realize that we didn’t actually totally win in Europe in World War II. Here is what I mean: The victory was at best, temporary, Americans had no idea of the Communist ( there were some warnings from some in our government) plot developing and moving to America’s very shores. Moving to our businesses, our education system, our way of life.

To further this decline, America decided to kick God out of our schools. “When you kick something out of something, something replaces it. ” Secular humanism took hold. Socialistic ideologies grew and influenced masses of Americans. The hippies of the sixties were some of the first to point the finger at our corrupt government. The Vietnam War revealed a lot of what was in the dark hearts of politicians and mankind. The Vietnam War and other wars that should have easily been won, turned into money-making machines for defense contractors and the government in general. I believe America supplied both sides” to many of these past wars.

I remember as a child the effect that the Warren Commission had on me concerning the Kennedy assassination. It seemed like a massive cover-up. Even now, there are still documents that have been sealed for over 50 years. I ask the question, if the government (CIA, FBI) had not been involved, why are these documents still sealed? I might add by some ‘powers’ saying, “National security is at risk in the release of these documents”) , doesn’t cut it for me. Compare this to today, in Joe Biden saying that our southern borders are secure and closed. It doesn’t make any sense.

To further America’s decline, we have the Roe v Wade debacle. Since then, some 63 million babies have been aborted. We look at the crime on the streets today, and I say we should look back to giving women permission to kill babies, it’s like granting permission for “anybody to kill anybody.” To me, this is deeply *psychologically related ( *plants the idea that murdering babies is OK ) and is a spiritual stronghold still in our world. Killing babies is an abomination to God.

So, America is in a “backslidden/ judgment from God state,” having further regressed. I believe God’s ‘hedge of protection’ was personally lifted from this country on 9/ 11. If you would like to study and pick up the pieces concerning America’s decline, please read any of Jonathan Cahn’s work, beginning with HARBINGER, then HARBINGER 2, and continue with his other books. If you don’t give a damn about any of this, sleep on sweet Charlotte. Written entirely by Frankie The Earthman.

Peace on the Appalachian Trail.

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