Just the other day, I got a call from my doctor’s office, informing me that my doctor wanted to try a new treatment on me for my general health. So, I asked the nurse what this new treatment was. She went on to tell me that the doctor wanted to “stare at me” for a spell. I said OK. I got excited about this new treatment and told the nurse to give me a few days to prepare for my office visit. I told her I needed to get a bath and a shave, buy some new cologne, maybe my favorite, Brut. The nurse went on to ask me why I planned to make all these changes. I told her that if the doctor gave me “a good staring at,” I might identify with it really good and stare back at him. I will be going in to see him in a few days. Oh, I did ask the nurse if I could bring in a cherry pie for me and the doctor to eat while we were staring at each other (smirk) Frankie The Earthman. This writing offered in the spirit and style of Samuel Clemens- Mark Twain.

Are you staring at me?

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