A short story I heard a long time ago went something like this: A young father and his teenage boy went on a camping trip to a remote winter mountain destination. They set up their gear, their camping tent, and got ready for their first night in the wild. Unexpectedly and unforecasted by the weather, a severe cold wave, very high wind with heavy snow hit their scene. The young father and his boys soon realized they had only packed one sleeping bag. The father and the boy were both over six feet tall and on the stout side. The weather was bad, and they were unable to make a fire. These men soon realized that to survive, they were going to have to climb into the ‘one’ sleeping bag and feed off of each other’s body warmth. It was very uncomfortable because they found themselves having to wrap their arms around each other ( face to face) or form in a spoon position. The night was long and difficult, but they survived to see the light of day.

As they retold their story many times to friends and family; they kept to themselves most of the conversations, and revelations they had through the night. There was one thing that they always made sure to tell about that night. It was this: After that night, the father and the son were always very close and had extreme love and respect for each other. They let nothing come between them.

I personally believe that the recklessness and lawlessness that is taking place in our culture theses days, could be brought to an abrupt end if we could learn to love and respect each other. ( yet realizing war is necessary sometimes.) We need to realize that our lives are gifts from God. God does not like high-minded and haughty spirited people. What is needed in this country is awakening, repentance, and revival. Nothing else will deliver us from our wicked, evil tendencies, lawlessness, deceit, and spirit of death. We also need to understand the dual nature of our God. Our father can either be our advocate or our judge, The Holy Spirit is either a comforting warmth to those who believe and accept His plan or a consuming fire to those that don’t. Do not get mad at me. I didn’t make the rules but I know what they are, and you certainly need to know what they are if you want to survive what’s coming, i.e., THE TRIBULATION. FRANKIE THE EARTHMAN.

Don’t turn your back on a wolf.

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