Thoughts on a ‘high hanging fruit’ of being a Christian. I have learned that one measure of a Christians walk goes something like this: In times of crisis, discouragement, misunderstandings, health problems, financial problems, in short, “all the stuff of life,” is to be able to turn and envelope one’s self in the ‘perfect peace of God’, regardless of circumstance, meaning hard core trust; as of yet, I have not arrived at this level of peace. However, I have felt it at times. With all the trouble (especially in this *post-modern culture), and little to no respect or belief in absolute truth, providing a moral foundation, without which we have our lawlessness and resultant crime, death and destruction across the world; it is easy to get caught up in the turmoil of these end time conditions. I seek God’s help to arrive at his available peace. The internal war between the ‘old and new man’ can be disabling. The spiritual attacks never end. To “count it all as joy” is a big challenge at times. Frankie The Earthman.

Two beauties at the local Rural King.

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