Actually, a person’s answer to two basic questions pretty much determine a person’s worldview and possibly belief system.

#1- Is mankind innately inclined to do more good than evil or evil than good?

#2- Is your belief system determined by man being in a “fallen state” and therefore more inclined to do evil; or do you believe that man does more evil than good ( if you do) because he has not evolved to a higher level?

Part of my answer goes like this: Think about the course of human history and how technology has gone off the charts, while at the same time human nature has remained virtually the same; we have been murdering since the beginning. So, my question would be, is this indicative of a deep underlying spiritual problem? Or do we throw spirituality and spiritual matters out the window and lean on “lack of evolution” being the problem? This post was written entirely by Frankie The Earthman.

Mankind, generally more good or evil?

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