This post is to forward critical information to those possibly unaware of what’s taking place in our world. Reference: Mark Morano – THE GREAT RESET. There may be comments by me, Frankie The Earthman.

For decades, forces behind the Great Reset have been moving incrementally. For decades, forces have been poised to move rapidly at the first opportunity of any real or perceived crisis. As old as the human race is, is the impulse of some human beings to control other human beings. Restricted liberty has been the norm from feudal serfdom to the eugenics movement in progressive – era America, and from totalitarianism in Italy, Germany, the Soviet Union, and China in the twentieth and twenty – first centuies to the rise of the technocratic biosecurity state.

Free societies of the kind we’ve been lucky enough to experience for the last 100, 150 years — are a very rare exception in human history. Most people, most of history, have lived in tyranny and misery, Milton Friedman noted.

There is nothing like a “crisis” to advance the expansion of state power. Just as gun control advocates pound whenever there is a mass shooting, the Great Reset promoters moved in instantly when Covin-19 arrived.

“James Burnham wrote The Managerial Revolution: What Is Happening In The World in 1941 to argue that capitalism was waning and being replaced everywhere by managerialism. He was right.” He added, ” The term managerialism, though Burnham had good reason to use it, does not sing to us and is not now as accurate, as we’ll see. I prefer Expertocracy, the rule of credentialed experts. “Socialism now roughly translates to Burnham’s managerial economy.

Look back to the 1990s and the rise of the “New World Order” under President George H.W. Bush. The powers of the state were expanded by the Patriot act and the war on terror, yet liberty loving Americans’ fears of the ” New World Order” under Bush seem positively quaint in the post-COVID 19 – lockdown world of today. The COVID lockdowns have shown that the threat of a RADICALLY expanded new world order in the guise of the Great Reset has teeth.

Journalist Neil Clark explained how the war on terror paved the way for the COVID response. “Twenty years on from 9/11, ‘the war on terror’ has morphed into a ‘war’ against the West’s own populations.” ” Consider the way that the countries which invaded Afghanistan — and took part in the other wars mentioned above, under the banner of ‘Freedom and Democracy’ have morphed into authoritarian police states since March 2020, with hard lock down Australia being the most shocking example.” Clark wrote.

” The bombs may not have been falling on Western populations, as they did on Afghans, Libyans, and Iraqis, but nevertheless I don’t think it’s hyperbolic at all to describe what’s been going on the last 18 months as a kind of war. There has certainly been relentless psychological warfare designed to wear us down physically and mentally, with lockdowns and threat of further lockdowns being a key component in the new ‘Project Fear,'” Clark explained.

“Afghanistan may have been important in 2001, as the gateway to a series of post 9-11 wars, but in 2021, there’s an even bigger operation being undertaken, Namely implementing the Davos set’s ‘Great Reset’ and all that it entails,” he added.

Maurice Newman, a former adviser to Australian prime minister Tony Abbott, detailed just who is behind the Great Reset.” The World Economic Forum, a Geneva-based nonprofit foundation whose ranks include Prince Charles and other climate change crusaders like Al Gore and Greta Thunburg, together with the secretary general of the United Nations, the president of the European Central Bank, the secretary general of the OECD, the managing director of the IMF, George Soros, world trade union leaders, chief executives of big Tech and representatives of the NGOs like Greenpeace and WWF, believe climate action must be top of the global agenda as we emerge from COVID-19.”

Newman wrote. Other organizations and individuals who were involved in setting the global agenda include the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderburg Group, the Trilateral Commission, and Bill Gates, to name a few. ” Much of the WEF’s agenda can be found in America’s radical Left’s New Green Deal, which addresses climate change and economic inequality,” Newman added.

Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum in Davos, first uttered the phrase “Great Reset” back and 2014. Schwab founded The World Economic Forum, originally named the European Management Forum in 1971.

Friends, like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, this is my effort to relay vital, crucial information. As you watch President Biden deliver his State of the Union, realize what is put forth in this post is more truthful, profound and important than anything, Mr. Puppet, Joe Biden could say in three lifetimes. You see, my friends Joe Biden is not running this country. Many of the companies, organizations, and people mentioned in this post are running this country. I also want to go out on a bit of a Revelatory Limb, but the limb is strong. All mentioned in this post and much more are leading to the Tribulation Period, which is coming very soon. Please don’t take my word for it. It is prophesied in scripture, and there is no stopping it. Also, know that this New World Order must be in place for the Anti-Christ to make his grand appearance. Then there will be 3 and a 1/2 years of peace ( the Rapture at some point) followed by Armageddon, and the 2nd advent of Christ returning to take control. Then the Millenium. Please get a copy of Mark Morano’s book, the “Great Reset.” It is an honor for me to stand on his broad shoulders and add my commentary. Frankie The Earthman.

It’s all about awareness.

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