What is the history of Socialism and capitalism?

History has proven that socialism is not the way to go. It works out well for the ruling class and then the rest of the people, the other 98% are used for “simple common use and are viewed as dispensable average sheep.” History has also shown that if you suppress and oppress the masses and try to make everyone the same ( equity), you will not have a successful influential, powerful country. Free and productive societies realize that God has made everyone and given each one special gifts. If through testing and the school systems we find that someone is qualified to be a doctor, a scientist, a lawyer, or the like, and then tell them that “for the state” they must be a truck driver for their entire life, the country is losing out.

Capitalism also has a ruling class, but at least it is elected, and the people have a voice. The problem with capitalism in America is that it is no longer being ruled by Congress, Senate, or even the president it is being run by deep state and technocratic unelected officials.

The movers and shakers of our postmodern world get together once a year in Davos Switzerland. People like Bill Gates, John Kerry, Al Gore, and the rest of the thugs. Climate change will be the next controlling mechanism of the masses. Fear will be the instrument of delivery. Digital currency will accompany climate change and fear agendas. Expect more lockdown mandates. If the big shots control the currency, they control your life. Frankie The Earthman.

Relax, have a BLT.

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