I am convinced that Joe Biden couldn’t tell the truth if his ice cream cone depended on it. Thank God for Fact Checker. Joe Biden might have squeezed one oz of truth in with 50 pounds of meat. I won’t go into all of his lies, but here is a big one: Joe claims that on his watch that 12 million new jobs have been created, Fact Checker says that it’s only 2.7 million. Well, that’s pretty good for you Joe , you only missed it by some 10 million. But then again, you have the luxury to stand up there and lie to the American public because you’re not held accountable and are not responsible for anything that comes out of your juvenile crooked mouth. The average American has to be responsible and accountable, or we don’t survive. We don’t have the blank check of the government behind us. Frankie The Earthman.

The spirit of Joe Biden, lost in the woods.

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