I believe this song was written through an experience Seals & Croft had with the Baha’i faith.

I am not a follower of the Baha’i faith. However, I find a lot of interesting tenets in this faith.

This song and lyrics have drawn me to close introspection and awareness of the ugliness that can reside in my ❤️. Just this morning, upon listening to the sheer beauty and words of this song, ‘broke me spiritually’. I went into a “deep gut cry” of repentance to God for my insensitivity to many people and relationships in my life. I have made a new decision, and I will try more to not let the wicked misunderstandings and circumstances that seem to appear in my life harden my heart. Here are the wonderful lyrics to the genius of Seals and Croft‘s HUMMINGBIRD:

O hummingbird Mankind was waiting for you to come flying along Heavenly songbird We were so wrong We’ve harmed you Oh hummingbird Lend us your wings Let us soar in the atmosphere of Abha Lift us up to the heavens of holiness O source of our being Oh humming…bird

Hummingbird don’t fly away fly away, Hummingbird don’t fly away,fly away Haven’t you noticed the days Somehow keep getting longer And the spirit voices whisper in us all Haven’t you noticed the ray’s The spirit song is stronger And a new day is dawning for us all.

Hummingbird don’t fly away fly away hummingbird don’t fly away fly away The sweetness of your nectar, has drawn me like a fly, I just love you love you, I don’t even know the reason why, hummingbird don’t fly away fly away, Alas here comes the gardener, he’s come to till the flowers, the drought of understanding Wisdom Peace & Love is ours now

The face of unconditional love. Princess Aja.

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