Concerning the impending decline of American influence and power on the world stage; the question must be asked: IS GOD STAYING HIS HAND, HAS AMERICA BEEN IN, and currently in, a state of judgment from God? (Please note, I’m not saying ‘initiated by God’, but I am saying ‘allowed by God’.) Remember this phrase: “In history, God has quite often given countries and peoples over to their own destructive, disobedient ways. I personally believe that the United States has been in a period of judgment since 9/11, allowed by God. If you study the ancient history of the nation of Israel, you will find that God gives a warning and oftentimes a 20 year waiting period for the country or people to repent and return to God, if they don’t, destruction comes. America is beyond the twenty years and still collectively no repentance or turning back to God. In fact, many of America’s leaders, including Joe Biden, are hell-bent on destroying America, using China as a model to do so.

Hindsight is often better than foresight. Remember the drastic changes that took place in the transition from a Trump presidency, where America was ( enjoying and ) on its way to astounding and remarkable success. “We” were respected around the world. Transition to the “puppet Joe Biden” and see the decline and difference.

Concerning humanity’s relationship with “The God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob”; Ancient Jewish history proves that “a cycle is evident.” The cycle goes something like this : A country or people are down-and-out, desperate and turn to God. God blesses the country or people, The people become confident in their own ability and slowly turn away from God. ( Look at Israel as an example) God then gives the country or people over to their own ways, and the cycle is complete as they self destruct.

So, is God “staying His hand?” The short answer is yes. The longer more complicated answer is for how long? How long will God longsuffer with us? How long will He allow the atrocities to continue at our Southern border? How long will he stay His hand from people like George Soros and the Mexican cartels. How long will He stay his hand from the human trafficking, the deaths from fentanyl, and the multitude of problems at our Southern border. Through the neglect of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the Democrat party, “Every state in America has become a border state.” China is running amok and spying on the entire globe. “America the sleeping giant” seems as if it has been collectively “hit in the head” with a Louisville Slugger made in China, and we are still reeling. Will God save us from ourselves? I’m not so sure. Written entirely by Frankie The Earthman.

The iron fist of oppression?

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