The altering of perception comes from the spirit of Baal. Where there is ‘one God’, there is an ultimate and objective reality, a unifying reference point and standard by which all can be discerned, measured, and judged.

Fabricating one’s own God is making an idol, and thus one’s own ultimate reality, and one’s own truth. However, when one creates truth, truth becomes a fabrication and ceases to be truth. And when one creates or holds to one’s own truth, truth again ceases to be. Two + two cannot equal four for one person and five for another, so one of the signs of Baal’s subversion of a culture is that the culture will turn away from objectivity to subjectivity.

America and Western civilization have turned away from God and have been undergoing a process of subjectification. As they moved away from the truth, they moved away from the concept of truth itself, that there was any truth to begin with. The transformation affected language. If a man believed he was not himself but was someone or something other than what he was, a child, a woman, a leopard, or a tree, there was no ultimate or absolute truth or any truth, no objective reality to contradict his own personal “truth.” And if one’s personal truth contradicted reality, then it was reality that would have to be bent into conformity. Ref: J. Cahn, THE RETURN OF THE GODS – pgs 55,56. Paraphrased.

I believe our society, culture, and world are polluted with the spirit of Baal. Especially in the ” God rebellious” U.S.A. The kowtowing of America to socialism and communism is evident. It is rapid in our government. It is rampant in our institutions, such as the DOJ and the FBI. Our education system has been overtaken by the radical liberal left. The radical left of the Democrat party wants to institute a “one party system in America.” Most of our media and social platforms are complicit with a transition to socialism and communism. It is a bad idea to think that 1% of the elite can control the other 99%, especially in America. It is evident that some in this country will not be happy until we have another Civil War, and blood is up to our ankles. Some will do anything for power. It has gotten so bad that the radical left, through plans such as the 2030 agenda, want to control everything we Americans do, right down to our thought processes. Comment by Frankie The Earthman.

Stay in the race.

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