Clive Lewis says, “I don’t want to be someone else anymore. I’m not waiting for anything new to happen, not looking around the next corner, no next hill … here now, right now, my kind of happy.”

The beloved wife says, as they look over the valley, what they call a piece of heaven, ” it’s not going to last, I’m going to die.” (she has cancer) She continues, ” I want you to be with me then, the pain of then , has to do with the happiness now.” ” That’s the deal.”

Friend, foe, have you thought about the dangerous world we live in? My grandmother used to say, “You never know, here today, gone tomorrow.” She was right. Those words did not ‘ring true’ on the ears of a youthful boy, but they do now.

Don’t wait until everything is perfect or right for you to be happy. If you do, you will never be happy. Be happy here, right now, it’s all you have, it’s all I have. Conversation from the movie, SHADOWLANDS. “Don’t believe the sun is shining better somewhere over the next hill, somewhere around the next corner. It’s shining just fine, right where you are, right now.” Live in THE PRINCIPLE OF MOMENTS. Frankie The Earthman.

Here, right now, be happy.

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