SOME WOULD SAY, ” We read to know we are not alone.” Others might say, ” We love to know we are not alone.”

Growing older can be troubling and a real challenge for many different reasons. Eventually, hopefully, we arrive at the point of asking these questions: What is really important to me in and about this life? Why am I really here on earth?

Here is what I have found: I view these things to be of crucial importance: A personal relationship with God. Also, an understanding of His plan. The realization that every life is a gift. A deep understanding of the ongoing struggle between good and evil and the fallen state of man. Understanding the redemption available to mankind through the work of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, leading the faithful to God the Father.

Further, of importance: For a man, the love and support of a good woman. For a woman, the love and support of a good man. Children are a blessing, as I believe they have been entrusted to us for a season. Having a line of work that is loved and being valued for that work is a needed “thing.”

I believe having animals in our lives is a real blessing, though a lot of hard work. They are worth it. They give us much more than we can give them. One of my favorite things to do is to feed the birds and the squirrels, that oddly enough, where little watches on their arms; and if I am late with their peanuts and bird seed, they tap on my back door and point to their watches and shrug their shoulders as if to say “Where is our food.” The animal kingdom, in particular dogs, have added to my life in a way that can’t be measured.

Understanding and accepting that pain and suffering are part of God molding His created beings into what He desires them to. We must not look at God in a negative way. Pain is part of the happiness and happiness part of the pain. Nobody wants to have pain and suffering, but that is the way of this fallen state of existence. Finally, seek God, for without Him, you would not be alive. Give your life back to Him. Everything else will leave you unsatisfied, shallow, and empty. Have mercy on others, and God will have mercy on you. Proclaim your belief in the Son, and the Son will acknowledge you before the Father. Don’t spend eternity separated from God. You will not be a happy camper. Frankie The Earthman.

Light exposes darkness.

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