Joe Biden and the Climate Change Liars true colors are showing. The train derailment in Palestine, Ohio, is revealing the dark hearts of some leading climate change whackos. Where is the relief, aid, and money from the White House? Where is John Kerry. Al Gore, AOC, all the thugs that gather together yearly in Davos Switzerland, screaming “CODE RED” and that we have 8 years before the world ends because of our neglect of ” mother earth?” Where are they? Where is the little demon media darling “Pete Bootygig?” This fag wants to be president, and he could’nt successfully run a lemonade stand. The sad thing is, I fear half of the clueless, apathetic American public would vote for this monster. The radical left does’nt fill jobs through MERITOCRACY; many hire based on political affiliations, skin color, and being supporters of Socialism and Communism. Employees, a lot of times, are hired, not for what they know but what they look like. Then the dummies of this world wonder why crime, lawlessness, human trafficking, drug trafficking, complete southern border neglect, a ‘left’ agenda leaning media , and a culture gone so Woke, that multitudes don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. This is THE BARACK OBAMA, JOE BIDEN ‘change’ promised before Obama was elected. Half of America still love the ” two freaks“, Michael and Barack, some just can’t or don’t want to know the truth about anything or anyone, as long as they get their money handout from the government. America’s going off the cliff of the world stage, all aboard! Frankie The Earthman.

Sometimes, the path forward is obvious, yet multitudes can not discern the light led path.

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