You might be surprised at my answer. Yes, it can be life changing and very beneficial to doubt God. Look at some of the people of the Bible. Have a close look at ‘Doubting Thomas’. Have a close look at Gideon. The Bible is filled with doubters. Doubt can be a teacher.

It is mine and many others’ opinion that it takes more faith to believe in the ‘Theory of Evolution’ than it does the ‘Creationist View’. Diligently seek God, He will reveal Himself. Doubting the things of God is normal. If you get in the habit of searching scriptures when you have a question, it can lead you to a deeper faith. Having questions and not doing any research leaves you with nothing and few answers.

Here is something that is often overlooked by believers and unbelievers: The Bible gives us enough truth to believe and understand basic principles about God. However, the Bible does not give us ‘all’ truth that exists. We earthlings can take only so much, this side of death, and moving on to glory.

God is beyond completely knowing. Could it be that He is more wonderful than we ever could fathom or imagine? Could it be, should it be, that the more we learn, the more we should realize what we don’t know.

Doubt is a path to faith.

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