Read Parts one and two before proceeding here, please.

It seems like the natural mind of mankind has a hard time understanding basic things. One of those is that humans are born either male or female. Every person that has ever been born was the product of a male and a female coming together in a union.Yes, I know about invitro fertilization and other things. This does not change anything.

How we can look down at our private parts and see a penis or a vagina and say that we identify as the opposite of what we really are is beyond me. People need to know how satanic this is, and how insulting to God it is.

Here is a good and valuable lesson, Satan identified as being God, or higher than God, or equal to God. Satan identifying as God did not make it so. In fact, look at the destruction it has brought him and will bring him. Being human, especially in today’s culture, can be a very confusing thing. We need to have a standard, a plum line, to understand the basic and the more difficult things of life. Frankie The Earthman.

Be loyal,in all that you do.

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