Read Part one before continuing here. This post will be from a viewpoint that most have probably not considered.

Let me continue by saying what a peculiar yet miraculous creation the human being is. Our modernday culture and climate have brought about many problems that hinder us from reflecting the “image of God.

I want you to think of this, as I address the homosexual and lesbian community. First of all, I do not hate these communities. This is an effort to reveal that some truth may have not been considered up until now.

Someone, please explain this to me: How can the homosexual community say that “they are born into their condition?’ Ref: Leviticus 18: 22 & 20 : 13. How and why would a God that refers to homosexuality as an abomination create someone to be a homosexual? There could be environmental and social condigits contributing to the decision to be a homosexual. These conditions do not justify the condition. Should we rewrite the story of Adam-and-Eve and add another version called Adam and Steve? Has anyone taken the time to study God’s judgment on homosexuals in scripture? How many people know of and have considered the story of Sodom and Gomorrah?

Let’s change gears. We live in postmodern America. For those of you that don’t know what postmodern means, it means absolute truth is no longer held in esteem or observed in our culture. We now consider ourselves to be little gods, and we make our own truth. This is especially true in the far left progressive Democrat agenda. If you want an example of making our own truth, look around at our cities in America. In particular, look at the Democrat run cities. Crime and lawlessness are rampant. Criminals commit the same crimes over and over, and the judges go as far as to portray victims the problems.

There are two things right now and forever true: God and His Word. Everything else slowly perishes. Yet we have hope. God promises to restore everything back to the original plan. Eye has not seen nor ear heard of the things that God is preparing for His family. I don’t know about you, but I want out of this mess. There is very little attractive in this disturbed world we live in. Right is now wrong. Wrong is now right. I would like YOU to know this MY friends, The new world order, including digital currency, will BRING about a ‘big reset’ in the world. The end game for the socialistic, communistic, NWO agenda is to prepare a platform for the Antichrist to appear. Frankie The Earthman.

This world ‘age’ is broken.

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