A Look at the Human Condition. I hate to wax peculiar and negative. However, have you thought of the human condition from the following viewpoint?

Physically, humans live a heartbeat away from death. We need constant oxygen.We are dependent on food from the earth to maintain our lives. We spend a lot of our lives sick. We spend a lot of time sleeping. We rarely know when the death bell will ring for us. The birthing process for women ( though miraculous) is a dreadfully painful experience. Our butts stink, our feet stink, our breath stinks, we have to urinate, we have to poop, we have to deal with diarrhea and constipation. We have to bathe constantly. We have to mask our stench with deodorant and Cologne. Humans die from all manner of horrible diseases. Humans constantly war, and we kill each other for everything from a pair of tennis shoes to the oil in the ground. We lie, deceive, cheat, steal, scheme, loot, pillage, and rape, we lust after everything under the sun. Yet, we are made in the image of God. We have to go back to the garden of Eden and look at Adam-and-Eve to understand our predicament. We have to understand that humans are in a fallen state.

Spiritually, I find it a little bit odd that the first two people ever created in Adam-and-Eve totally offended God. Because of Adam-and-Eve’s disobedience, every person that would ever live would be under the curse. Death was not part of the original plan. God said, “In the day that Adam and Eve ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they would surely die.” Adam-and-Eve continued to live physically though they became “spiritually dead” with physical death to follow. Every human being that would be born thereafter was seminally and positionally “IN ADAM AND EVE. So, as a result of their disobedience, all became guilty.

So, to me, the question that must be asked is this: Though we are made in the image of God, how in the world, ( in our present condition ) are we able to reflect the image of God? I believe scripture teaches that the God we serve (if we are believers) is a God of life. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is not responsible for our condition and death. Human beings are responsible because Adam and Eve chose to question God and follow Satan, back in the garden of Eden.

Adam-and-Eve were originally made to be the beginnings of a “human council” on earth. Things were to be on earth as they were in heaven. Study Psalm 82, ESV, very carefully. The whole of earth was intended to be “Eden like” until Adam-and-Eve fell. There is hope as all will eventually be restored. Bye for now, Frankie The Earthman.

Light, light, light, in the light.

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