The grand scheme of things, the view from afar. Good verses Evil. God versus Satan. The plot : ( Life verses death ) [ Power, who has the ultimate power and control? ] A look back at history, a look at current events, a look at the prophesied future. A look at frail humanity caught in the midst of the ‘culmination of an age.‘ The promise to followers of Christ. The fate of unbelievers. The story of mankind.

PAUSE: Enjoy your dogs, your cats, the animal kingdom. Their love is a gift from God. Enjoy the wonders of our natural environment, A time may be coming soon where you will not be able to. A time may be coming soon, where it will all be about survival. A time may be coming soon where you have to make a decision for you and your family as to whether you receive the “Mark of The Beast”, without which, you will not be able to buy and sell. This is the end game of digital currency, ‘control of your life’ in every aspect. If they can control your money, they can control you and your thoughts. The really perplexing problem about the ‘Mark of the Beast’ is this: If you don’t receive this MARK, you can not buy or sell goods. If you do receive it, you can enjoy the benefits of buying, selling, and fitting in to the “Tribulation economy.” The downside is, if you receive the MARK, you can not enter heaven. This is part of these END TIMES. Frankie The Earthman.

Finding water could become a problem.

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