Heil Hitler! – means “eternal salvation in Hitler.” What an insult to God, the meaning turned out be, “eternal damnation.” The word ‘Sieg‘ used in Seig Heil means “victory.”

So we have victory and eternal salvation in Hitler? Riiiiiggghhhttt!, just like we have victory and eternal salvation in Satan.

Heil Satan, Heil Hitler, Heil Stalin, Heil PolPot, Heil Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Barack, and ‘Michael’ Obama, the Clintons, Bill Gates, Al Gore, Klaus Schwab, and many other 2030 Global Agenda demons and devils.

OK – hold it right there! HEIL TO THE DEMOCRAT PARTY AND ALL MENTIONED ABOVE!, it does not matter. All mentioned are the same demonic spirit that has existed for ages. The “ages old” spirit of lawlessness destruction and death will usher in these END TIMES and all prophecy.

It’s time for me to lower the boom on the forty to fifty PERCENT of Americans who “JUST DON’T GET IT.”

Also, if you are in the 1.5 % of the sexually confused, gender conflicted, pedophile sympathetic, gay, lesbian or whatever pronoun you identify as, do you know what and who is coming for you? Do you care? WHO TOLD YOU THAT YOU CAN JAM YOUR PERVERSIONS DOWN SOME NINETY EIGHT % OF THE POPULATION? Do you think you will be able to negotiate and act out with God” when you stand at the judgment? I have news for you, you were not even allowed to talk. You will be face down in the ground in the holy presence of God. God is Holy, “you and your identity crisis and ‘your’ TRUTH will melt like torched butter.

Oh, and you don’t have to make a zealot, a nut job, or a fanatic out of me. I am proverbally just repeating what is obvious in the Word of God, I couldn’t give a damn what you think of me.

Look around, “WAKE UP FROM YOUR DELUSIONAL WOKENESS.” If you do not accept God and His plan and repent, *Tribulation (*Daniel’s 70th week ) is coming for you. If you are a believer, the Rapture is coming for you and then a return as part of Christ’s army, to wrap up the Tribulation and usher in THE MILLENIUM; which is the 1000 year reign of Christ. This 1000-year reign will be from the New Holy City that will come down and hover over Jerusalem. Christ will explain to us many things. No more tears, no lawlessness, no death *Satan will be bound. ( * Satan to be loosed again only to be finally squished like a bug, good luck to you that follow him, get used to a hot climate.

Before you call me a fanatic there are some things you need to know about me. I have been a Christian since the spring of 1981. Before you think that I believe I have “cornered the market on God, let me assure you, I have not. Having said that, I have been harassed, harangued, lied to, lied about, misunderstood, spiritually left for dead, since my salvation experience. It was a marvelous annointing. For those of you that don’t know, this time last year, I nearly died. I was attacked with a blood infection and “Endocarditis” ( from an infected tooth), which put me on a ventilator, this blood infection was accompanied by an allergic reaction to another medication which had me hallucinating and living in two worlds. However, it was not my time. So I am telling you this not for your sympathy, but for you to understand I have been in a blood spiritual battle for 40 some years. I struggle with besetting sins. I barely think I am qualified to serve God. So try if you must to pull me down, I already consider myself an undesirable. My only hope is in Christ. The difference between me and a lot of people is that I am available to stand and fight for what I believe in. Frankie The Earthman.

Now, if I could only find my eyeballs. ( smirk )

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