Do you have eyes to see beyond the physical realm?

Reference: Michael Heiser’s – THE UNSEEN REALM.

Excerpts and paraphrasing from Retooling the Template pg 155.

The catalyst for Israel’s transition from a people to a nation began with the exodus event, the deliverance from bondage in Egypt. Shortly after the Exodus,events hark back to Eden and the divine council backdrop in some amazing ways.

God’s Edenic vision began with his announcement that humankind was his image. Yahweh had divine sons (Ref Psalm 82), [ESV for proper translation] He would also have a human family. Genesis told us that god had a divine council of images who represented his authority in the unseen realm and participated in his rule. It also showed us that God planned a mirrorcouncil on earth, this time composed of human imagers. These two family administrations were together in his presence. Heaven had come to Earth as Eden. Humanity was charged with extending the earthly presence and rule of God throughout the whole Earth. God wanted to live and rule with all his children in his new creation.

Genesis 3 – 11 makes it clear that humanity failed miserably. Free will in the hands of imperfect beings comes with that risk. But the incident at Babel, foolish and self-willed as it was, shows us that there is an Edenic yearning in the human heart, a desire for utopia, and a sense of divine presence. But God would not trade His own version of Eden for humanity’s. He punished the nation’s with disinheritance ( see Deuteronomy 32: 8 ) God would create new people as his own portion. That inheritance was begun in covenant with Abraham and passed on through his family. God delivered that family from bondage under Moses. Egypt and its gods were defeated. What was corrupted in Eden and counterfeited in the days of the flood, and Babel was quickened to life on the other side of the waters of chaos.

This is a fairly deep revelation, Some knowledge of biblical history is required to understand this post. As you may or may not have figured out, the earth age we are currently living in, the second one (2 Peter 3: 5 to the end, about earth ages) is a detour from the fall of man in the garden of Eden. Frankie The Earthman. Note: This flesh blood and bone existence is a test from God to find out who each human being will serve, either God or Satan. Eternity is the reward for choosing God, IMHO. Understanding that Israel is God’s portion and chosen nation is key to understanding why the rest of the world is against Israel and now the United States, two of the last bastions for freedom.

Appalachian trail, near Skyline, Va. Photo by Frankie.

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