Space exploration is good, the universe is an expression of God’s creative beauty. Additionally, to me, it goes without saying that God is the ultimate scientist.

It’s great to look at the possibilities of outer space. Worlds beyond and beings beyond are a possibility. However,

I think humanity should be more concerned with the uniqueness of earth. Apparently, we can travel light years away from earth, and we have not found life. Imagine being an explorer traveling through the universe and suddenly coming upon our solar system. Imagine, as you pass from Pluto and arrive at Earth, what a beautiful unique sight to behold. Then imagine landing on earth and discovering all the wonders. Then imagine experiencing human beings. The potential is awesome to let your imagination run away with you.

Switching gears, ponder this: As we read Psalm 82, if we look close enough, we can find that God has a heavenly council of divine beings ( lower elohim) in heaven. I personally believe that God’s word reveals He wanted to have an earthly council also. After all, He did make man ‘in His image’ and placed him in a garden that was located on a mountain, called Eden. Then, the ” fall of man” occurred. God had to delay his plan. ( Read my recent posts covering some of this ) We are nearing the end of an age. God is gonna reclaim what is rightfully His, and that is ‘all of the previously disinherited nations.’ ( Study the Tower of Babel story and Deuteronomy 38. All for now, Frankie The Earthman. Note: I personally believe the exploration of outer space is meant for the upcoming age. Everything will be different as ‘this age’ ends, evil is dealt with, each individual basically determines his own destiny or fate, believers will be in resurrected bodies, probably able to travel at the speed of light, This will be more conducive for space travel. My personal opinion is that we are kind of bound to earth, especially during this age. Frankie.

Run to the light.

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