In elementary school, I had a friend, his name was Eddie. Eddie almost always looked dirty, hair uncombed, and like he needed to have a shower and a change of clothes. But the most peculiar thing I remember about Eddie is his teeth. I have a permanent video of Eddie’s face and his mouth stored in my memories. One day, as I was talking to Eddie, I noticed what looked to be about an eighth of an inch of food residue caked on his teeth. Every color imaginable could be seen on Eddie’s teeth. Another thing about Eddie, one of his eyes was always looking to the right, This eye would never look directly at me. ( This condition has a name, I think it’s ‘lazy eye’ or ‘drifting eye’ or something like that. Funny thing is, I can’t recall one word that was coming out of Eddie’s mouth; as my eyes were darting between staring at his teeth and his floating eye. I never knew which eye I should focus on. I honestly think that Eddie had never once brushed his teeth. Frankie The Earthman.

Reminds me of Eddie.

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