I had and have a rule about meeting new people. As we get to know each other, I try to figure out if they ever ate boogers. I really have this thing about boogers, especially about people eating them.

I also used to have a rule about potentially dating a girl. If I met a new girl that I was interested in, I would check out her teeth very closely for any sign of a booger or booger remnants.

I would often search out a new girl that I liked, and really wanted to kiss , but I had to ask her one big question, I had to get my nerve up, but I would finally ask her if she ever ate boogers, or is currently eating her boogers. I would draw close to the girl and check out her teeth for boogers as she talked with me.

Some of these girls got angry with me, at my even suggesting that they ate boogers, Some would go along with me. I would ask details like, “Do you swallow the boogers, or do you just let them kind of dissolve in your mouth? I guess my whole point is I didn’t want to kiss them and get a remnant booger in my mouth. I could only hope that these girls were telling the truth. Frankie The Earthmn. ( smirk ).

Take this guy, I bet he eats his boogers.

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