Let’s open our spirits up and flow. Imagine even putting yourself in our Lord’s position. Let’s look at the greatest story ever told. It is a very mysterious story. Someone famous always says, “I don’t understand every word of the Bible, but I believe it.” This is the essence of true faith, taking God at HIS WORD. God’s revelation about Himself is quite adequate. Faith in the one true God comes from God Himself and The Holy Spirit.

I want to mention that all religions of the world have creation and flood stories, amongst many other stories. However, what religion can provide an “owners manual” ie: THE BIBLE, that provides humanity so historically and prophetically accurate?

Let’s reflect and look upon this wonderful story. We have a God who claims to have always existed. ( and, that there is no other besides Him.) I admit that in the natural or spiritual, I can’t get my mind around it, yet I trust God, and God Himself could choose to reveal this mystery in eternity. In my opinion, just because we don’t understand something, this does not give us a reasonable cause for rejection of what is being put forth.

Continuing: This God claims that He spoke “the world, universe” into existence. If that is not mysterious enough, He claims to have come into His own creation. ( Then the story gets even more weird), God is rejected by His created beings. Fast forward a little bit, and we find that His plan reveals He willingly gave his life to provide salvation for His rebellious creatures. This is the supreme God ( in human form, actually 100% God an 100% man ) who left heaven and came down to this mess for our sakes, willingly fulfilling the requirements ‘to once and for all’ forgive sin and provide atonment ( at – one – ment) with God the Father.

Then, the story gets very peculiar. Jesus proved that He was God by overcoming death through His resurrection. Only the Holy Spirit can reveal to an individual if this Resurrection is true or not. Once a person receives a touch from the Holy Spirit, nothing can change their mind. The disciples were an excellent example. As we proceed in the story, mankind is left in a detour. Mankind has been left for thousands of years awaiting the prophesied return of the creator. To wrap this up for now, Satan, coupled with Adam and Eve’s rebellion in the garden is the cause for the detour. Perhaps more later, Frankie The Earthman.

“Get your fruit from the right tree, either The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil or The Tree of Life.” Your eternity hangs in the choice.

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