Hmmm, a question: DEADLY DRUGS IN MASSIVE OVERKILL AMOUNTS are crossing our southern borders. It seems most of the drugs crossing the border are laced with FENTANYL. Everyone knows about the colored candy fentanyl pills designed to kill young children. So here is the only sense I can make out of a supplier doing everything to make money, yet desiring to kill the masses it supplies : The goal must be DEATH TO ALL AMERICANS or as many as needed to advance a TOTAL TAKEOVER OF AMERICA. China must be behind this mainly. After all, it is almost unanimous that COVID 19 originated in a Wuhan lab. The dark forces that are coming from Klaus Schwab and the Davos Switzerland ‘yearly gathering’ to control the entire worlds’ ( among whom are George Soros, Bill “The freak” Gates, ( by the way, if you take Bill Gates’ billions away, he is just a skinny, gangly, “four eyed goof ball” squirrel looking for a nut.) goal, must have counted on death of a more massive scale than actually happened from COVID, add deaths from Fentanyl, succeeded by a CLIMATE CHANGE LOCKDOWN AGENDA to finish America off, and we see the death agenda of the powers that be. Note: Liberal America is for the global agenda, even the loss of Americas’ national identity. Joe Biden is a traitor and a puppet president. He has little to no decision-making responsibility. He is told what to do and say, and he still screws up. He has sold America to China and any other interested buyers. Frankie The Earthman. NOTE: Is it becoming clear why Donald Trump was and still is hated?

Joe Biden, can’t be touched?

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