OR BETTER SAID: The spiritual realm that understands what manifests in the physical world through flesh, bone, and blood beings, almost always finds its underpinnings, origins,and power in the Spirit world.

The world view of a professing, genuine Christian has little or nothing in common with a secular humanist view. In fact, I would go as far as to say that each person is either living under the spirit of life or the spirit of death. Let me say that Christians and conservatives on the ‘Right’ are not perfect. But at least most of them are spiritually inclined and are more in tune with what is really going on in the world. Also, have you noticed people on the right seem to be more happy. In my experience, I don’t recall many happy liberals. The liberals that I have encountered seem to have that dreadful wretchedness of a Nancy Pelosi or a Chuck Schumer. I don’t want to include all liberals and paint with too broad of a brush, but I think you know what I mean. It’s almost like the liberals don’t want to be happy, and they don’t want anyone else to be happy. Their driving force and main concern is power over all people who disagree with them. Those who hate morality, love lawlessness, and rush after power at everyone else’s expense will be happy in the ways of our current secular humanist culture.

Changing gears, I want to talk about getting in touch with what is really going on in the world. It doesn’t seem like ‘reality’ is a theme in our universities, generally speaking. “Absolute truth” gives way to individual identities and truth. For the most part, our educational system seems to be driven by money and indoctrination to being a government owned zombie and preparing people for a nominal role in society.

Ok, how can ‘things’ change? how can people change? Is there a path to what is really going on in the world? How can people be awakened to the fact that the end of an age is upon us? It is not going to be business as usual. To be quite frank about it, there is going to be more and more government control and surveillance. The government is gonna try to control us through lock downs, through digital currency, fear tactics about climate change, and other  ‘Agenda 2030′ish’ plans. People need to be aware of a man named Klaus Schwab ( WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM ), and George Soros, Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, others.

So I see the necessity of making a big  sweeping recommendation. The recommendation is to gain “Revelation Knowledge.” I want to recommend ten books or so that will change your life and I consider much more valuable than any university education, especially in our culture today. I will list the books for you. First – The Great Reset by Marc Morano. SecondThe Unseen REALM by Michael Heiser. Third – Revealing Revelation by Amir Tsarfati. Fourth – The Man Behind The Curtain by Matt Palumbo. Fifth & Sixth  – THE HARBINGER, and HARBINGER TWO by Jonathan Cahn. Seventh – Paradigm by Jonathan Cahn. Eighth – The Oracle – The Jubilean Mysteries Unveiled by J. Cahn. Ninth – The Deep State by Mike Lofgren. Tenth – We Will Not Be Silenced by Erwin Lutzer. Again, these books will change your life. Frankie The Earthman.

Choose The Spirit of Life.

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