Let’s continue tracking the story of YHWH and his portion Abraham’s descendants.

Note of importance: Having a knowledge of what happened in the ancient past, especially Israel’s and the Middle East’s past, helps us ‘modern day’ folk gain a clearer picture of ‘End Time’ prophecies and their fulfillment. If you don’t understand anything else, please understand this: God has prophecies concerning the end of ages, including the one we are in now, *2 Peter 3: 5-9. ( * Read for yourself.) Frankie.

Yahweh chose to disinherit the nation’s at Babel. He chose to appear to Abraham in visible, human form to initiate a covenant relationship. He chose to reiterate that covenant with Isaac and Jacob, he renamed Israel. And he chose to deliver israel from Egypt.

These choices telegraphed theological messages. Israel existed because Yahweh had supernaturally enabled the birth of Isaac. They continued to exist because Yahweh wanted a people on earth by his own plan and by his own power. The (*lesser elohim, look at Psalm 82, ESV, about God’s heavenly council ) he had placed over the (*disinherited nations)- particularly those in Egypt at this point of the story – can not prevent His will. There is no god like Yahweh. His goal of making the earth a new Eden will not be overturned. ( Reader, do you realize God originally intended the whole earth to be “Eden like”, but the fall of man disrupted His plan?, all of history since the fall in Eden is a detour and delay.)

Before the plagues and the exodus from egypt, the descendants of Jacob knew Yahweh only by reputation and oral storytelling. Now they were at His mountain, ready to journey to the land He had taken for Himself and for them. They had the tablets of the law, but that was just a starting point. Egypt and her gods had been defeated, but the conflict with the gods and their nations was just the beginning. Israel needed to understand that being Yahweh’s portion meant separation from the gods and the nations who stood ready to oppose them. The concept of realm distinction was fundamental to the supernatural worldview of ancient Israel. REF: THE UNSEEN REALM, BY MICHAEL HEISER.

With this history as a background, think of modern-day America and Israel, can we see that these nations are the last “two main bastions of freedom” left in the world? Remember, Israel was and is God’s portion. Independent study is required about what really happened at the Tower of Babel and the disinheriting of all nations, less Israel. A deep understanding of Psalm 82 is also required. It revolves around the use of the word ‘elohim. In Psalm 82, the first usage of the word elohim is singular, the second usage is plural. S The singular usage refers to the one true God, the second plural usage refers to the lesser elohm of God’s heavenly council. Do you know about God’s heavenly council? It is important to know because in Eden, at the beginning, God wanted to have an ‘earthly council’ also, but you know what happened in the “the fall of man” – God’s plan was delayed. This section by Frankie The Earthman. I hope this post leads you to further deep study. Looking at the Hebrew language is critical in understanding things left out, misinterpreted, mistranslated in God’s Word. Be careful, because often times ‘the traditions of men’ like to bend the word of God to express their personal belief system and views. Frankie.

Remember choices made in Eden by Adam and Eve, ” Get your fruit from the right tree, it’s a matter of life or death.” Frankie.

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