Evil men do not understand justice, Proverbs 28:5. Being a conservative, I can not help but notice the evil that is glaringly obvious in the democrat party. And yes, i’m aware it spills into the republican party also.

I would ask ask all to consider this: The democratic party is the main party that is always “going on” about justice for all. Peculiar thing is that according to Proverbs 28 : 5, evil people do not understand justice. Joe Biden and his crime family are the definition of evil, IMHO. So, have some 40 to fifty percent of Americans been brainwashed and indoctrinated to believe Joe Biden? I sincerely believe that half of the United States is completely hypnotized by Joe Biden ( mainly because a lot of people are afraid to think for themselves for fear of retribution ) that if Joe told everyone to eat shite sandwiches, they gladly would do so, with a big shite eating grin on their faces. Frankie The Earthman, ” just calling it like I see it.”

Joe Bidens’ spiritual face.

In my humble opinion, the Biden administration and almost all involved in his administration have done. everything imaginable to hinder and destroy the United States of America. If anyone can not ‘see’ ( discern this), then I would question their cognitive abilities. We have gone so wrong with ‘wokeness‘ in this country. We have a so-called ” woman” on the Supreme Court, who, when asked to give the definition of a woman was unable to do it. She remarked that she was ‘not a biologist.’ How low do we have to go, folks? This same sitting Supreme Court Justice is a black woman. I wonder if she has the cognitive ability to describe what a black woman is? Sideways and off the cliff we go.

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