In a hypnotic state, I rise through the Orion’s spiral arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, the planet Mercury in sight. I look back in my astral travel, as I see the night lights of earth slowly fade to darkness.  Gravity can no longer hold me. My desire to be free is overwhelming. In a newfound God-given spiritual body, I find I can travel at the speed of light, what a relief it is. The planet Venus is in view, how beautiful. As I continue past earth ( referred to by Jimi Hendrix as ” The third stone from the sun.”) , I behold the planet Mars, ( The song by Paul McCartney VENUS AND MARS’ lyrics , “Sitting in the stands of the sports arena, waiting for the show to begin, red lights, green lights, strawberry wine, a good friend of mine follows the stars, Venus and Mars are alright tonight.” playing in my head, I smile. Next, I fly past Jupiter, It’s not too long before I see the rings of Saturn. My eyes are beholding and taking it all in. Uranus is calling me, but Neptune whispers to me,  “Come see my glory.”  As I reach the end of the solar system, I see a wormhole. My body, as if drawn by a strong magnetic force, is pulled into the wormhole. After what seems like only seconds , everything arrives in slow motion, I feel peaceful, as a bright comforting light reveals an arm with outstretched hand grasping my hand and lands me in (what I know to be paradise.) God in a calm voice says,  “Welcome Home.” Frankie The Earthman.


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