You can call me Ray. You can call me Jay, you can “act out” queer and funny, but can you make me money? You must call me ‘he’ though you know that I’m a ‘she’, I’m working at the bank cause’ I donated to Hillary.

You can call me ‘Fankie’, my butt might like a spanky, just don’t ask me about money, it only makes me cranky.

SVB leaders promised ” a bright and sparkling future” now, who will pay for my sex change and my complicated suture?

You must call me Mike, though you know that I’m a dyke. I traded in my weenie for a coochie in – betweeny– my legs. But now we lost the money and life’ no longer gay and funny. Maybe Biden will give a bailout, so I continue to sail out on my yacht to have some lunch. I’m so happy that I’m woke, but I’m a dumbass and broke.

‘Woke’ and broke

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