Well, with San Francisco offering five million dollars to all black folk and homes for a $1; and because I’m white bread, I think I will just go ahead and identify as a poor cheated black person. California and San Francisco will have to acknowledge my new identity and give me the reparations money. But seriously, folks, does anybody really believe that these people are going to get five million dollars each? Then again, I guess if it could happen, San Francisco would be the place for this to happen.

San Francisco, open the banks again.

I will promise all those in San Francisco that I will never again sing the disney song “zippity do da” But I will sing the controversial song by Lou Reed, Walk on the Wild Side” NOT! Frankie The Earthman. Do da do da do doda da do. ” Plucked her eyebrows on the way, shaved her legs, then she was a he said , “hey bro, take a Walk on the Wild Side, hey sugar”….do da do da do da do ta da do.

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