COVID was The best thing to ever happen to these people. The panic over an unknown virus caused many of us to rush to give up freedoms we once knew to be essential. The right to travel, for example, or the right to eat in a restaurant; the right to protest in public, and in many cases, the right to run a business and take care of our families; literally the right to say goodbye to our elders and to bury our dead… We’ve rolled out the blueprint for society that is nominally free but willing to throw freedom away in a crisis. So now, the leadership class has realized there’s a lot of value to keeping society permanently in crisis.” Ref: CHristopher Bedford, senior editor at the Federalist. This quote from Marc Morano and his scholarly book THE GREAT RESET, PG- 79.

Friends, now we know. Having said that, the revelation as to what actually happened and who spearheaded this COVID manipulation of the masses is a revelation in process. One thing is most evident: the American government yielded power to unelected officials, and the technocrats running rampant in the ‘crisis’ decision-making processes of this country. Also, a Mr. Senger wrote, “Anytime anyone endorses a lockdown for any length of time, even a few minutes, they are endorsing a Xi Jinping policy.” Frankie The Earthman.

Oliver Smith, travel correspondent for The Telegrph, summed up the global lockdowns this way: No holidays, no weddings, no family celebrations, no live music, no live sport, no nights out, no cinemas, no theater, no bustling bars, no buzzing restaurants. No spontaneity, nor any way to plan for the future. No life. Enough is enough.” Warning: Beware of the upcoming “climate change agenda.” Permanent lockdowns are the goal of our sickly, so-called, ‘democracy’.

Question: Do people ever wonder what Barack Obama’s true intentions were when he used the word CHANGE, he panned on bringing to America? How can anyone listen to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and not realize they are not being held responsible or held accountable for anything that they do or say. Why is this we might ask? Because organizations, heads of “Deep State,” like George Soros and his son, Klaus Schwab, (the World Economic Forum) gathering yearly in Davos, Switzerland, Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates and other ‘techno’ shadow figures are calling the shots, behind “a curtain” of murky transparency. Finally, if people are not aware of a “2030 agenda” and have never read the Communist Manifesto, maybe it’s long past time to do so. Time is running out for America. Our proverbial asses are on the line. Dialogue by Frankie.

Perhaps Joe Biden is a STRANGER FROM VENUS! HE IS VERY OTHER WORDLY. ( smirk )

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