The last thing I remembered was walking into the Bonnie Blue restaurant and bakery in Winchester, Virginia. We sat down to order our food when all of a sudden I passed out, my head hit the table we were sitting at. I woke up in about thirty seconds. My wife and son (who I didn’t recognize at the moment) told me what happened.They said we were at the historic outside Winchester Mall ( which we frequented quite often) and that they had went inside one of the shops to do some shopping and when they came out they couldn’t find me. So they searched around for about twenty minutes and finally found me. My son said, ” Dad, we found you face down, tongue hanging out of your mouth on the cobblestone walkway. There was a dog ( a German Shepard) licking your face and had pissed on your leg.” ( as my lower pants’ leg and shoe were wet and smelly.)

They said a young boy came down from an apartment overlooking where I was laying and had witnessed the whole debacle. The young man said that I was walking while reading a book and fell headlong straight into a steel light post, the boy said I had stumbled on the uneven stone walkway and hit my head pretty hard, ( my forehead and cheek were bruised and swollen.)

So, as sat at the Bonnie Blue Restaurant, I began to feel better. My head was clearing, and I recognized my wife and son and where we were. I enjoyed some fried oysters, collard greens, corn bread, and coleslaw, with a nice cool glass of tea. Frankie The Earthman.

Dad and son

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