Do we really want to be the kind of society where basic freedoms are conditioned on the decisions of politicians in thrall to scientists and statisticians? Where human beings are just tools of public policy?” Sumption asked.

To say that life is priceless and nothing else counts is just empty rhetoric… There is more to life than avoidance of death,” he added.”To say that there are no limits is the stuff of tyrants. Every despot who ever lived thought that he was coercing his subjects for their own good or that of society at large,” the judge pointed out.

A society in which the government can confine most of the population without controversy is not one in which civilized people would want to live, regardless of their answers to these questions. Is it worth it?” Sumption asked.

“The lockdown is without doubt the greatest interference with personal liberty in our history.” Former UK Supreme Court Judge Lord Sumption explained.

Former Harvard University physicist Dr. Lubes Motl wrote early on during the lockdowns that “25 million Americans became unemployed in 5 weeks. Many people want to continue. As far as I know, It has never happened in the history of civilizations that the bulk of a large enough nation, let alone the world, was kept at home for several months.”

Note – VERY IMPORTANT: Motl explained, “The precautionary principle has only been promoted as a meme since the 1970s when it appeared as the ‘Vorsorgeprinzip’ in German discussions about deforestation and sea pollution. The precautionary principle is an extremely dangerous fallacy whose purpose is to make an absolutely irrational assumption namely that some risks must be considered infinitely more critical than all other risks–sound more intelligent or maybe even scientific… You are ‘obliged’ to do even things that actually make the public health conditions worse.” ( *Listen, this was/is a tactic used by the CDC, WHO, Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, leader of the World Economic Forum that meet yearly in Davos Switzerland. These organizations plan on dictating to the world. BEWARE THE COMING CLIMATE CHANGE LOCKDOWN AGENDA. *Frankie.

Economist Sanjeev Sabhlok urged Western nations to build in civil – liberty protections against future lockdowns: ” “This pandemic should lead to the rewriting of all textbooks in epidemiology and should lead to a law ( like they have in Sweden ) that governments must require court orders for each individual, to restrain them at home for quarantine or lock down.” Main reference: Marc Morano, his book, THE GREAT RESET. Comments by Frankie The EARTHMAN.

There is a path of light. Find it, follow it. Photo by Frankie, Appalachian Trail, near Skyline, Va.

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