Subtitle: Joe Biden and “tribal magic” … let me explain.

George Soros calls the relationship between the mind and reality “reflexivity.” He says, “I envision reflexivity as a feedback loop between the participants’ understanding and situation in which they participate, and I contend that the concept of reflexivity is crucial to understanding situations that have thinking participants.” Soros was influenced by Popper’s work The Logic of Scientific Discovery, which argued that empirical truth can not be known with absolute certainty. Soros identifies three forms that reflexive interactions can take: dynamic near equilibrium, static far-from – equilibrium, and dynamic far- from – equlibrium.

In dynamic near – equilibrium, perception is close to reality, and critical thinking is encouraged. This is what Soros describes as open societies. In static far – from equilibrium, perception and reality diverge wildly and depend on “tribal magic.” TOTALITARIAN states reside in this condition and can remain there for long periods of time, Soros argues. In dynamic far from equilibrium, the gap between reality and perception grows to a breaking point in which change is forced to occur, and reality undergoes a transformation. Soros argues that societies in this state are susceptible to undergoing sudden radical transformations. ( IMHO, the static and dynamic far- from equilibrium ‘states’ describes Joe Biden and most of the radical left Democrat party; and it has spilled into the Republican party.

Now, the following statement is very interesting. For Soros, one of the most important takeaways from Popper’s ideas is that no single philosophy or a worldview is in possession of the truth. Groups need to let go of ” their truth” and work for an open society. But then it follows that the open society becomes, by default, the regnant paradigm, the overarching “truth” by which members of the society must live. If that’s the case, there is ultimately no room for diversity of thought and ways of life. Acceptance of individualism and a casting off of traditional customs becomes a prerequisite for membership because everything else is “totalitarian.” Thus, what presents itself as the best type of society for embracing different ways of life is in reality the beginning of the greatest uniformity.

Now, an important note: This is one of the many ironies that you will see in the contrast between Soros’ claimed philosophy and his actions. Soros’ efforts are not to uncover truth but rather to disseminate his own narrative through his realm of influence to create the false reality needed to justify his political vision. ( sounds like Joe Biden) Let’s be clear and see through all of the George Soros’ double talk. George talks of an open society but believes in a closed society. George Soros is out to destroy America. George Soros’s son waits in the wings to take over, should he depart this world. George Soros, like Joe Biden, says one thing and does the opposite.

As crooked and dangerous as they come, George Soros.

Reference: The Man Behind The Curtain- Matt Palumbo, comments by Frankie The Earthman.

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