God claims in His Word that humankind are made in His image. Charles Darwin claims that humankind descended from “the lower forms of animals.” Modern interpreters of Darwin’s Origin of The Species and The Descent of Man claim that humans have a common ancestor in the chimpanzee. Supposedly, humans split from monkees millions of years ago.

Let me digress, and add a little humor to the debate: I personally believe (and as evidenced in my using the “swamp critters” residing in the halls of our Congress and Senate) we have both God’s Imagers and evolved chimpanzees, that I call Talking Monkees, Apes and Chimpanzees.

It is obvious to me that “we the sheeple” are well represented in Washington DC by both Imagers and the ‘yet to completely evlove’ Talking Monkees. For example, Donald Trump is a good example of an Imager. Barack and Michael Michelle Obama are fine examples of Talking Monkees. Joe Biden is the perfect Talking Monkee. Unfortunately for Joe, he has a normal sized human skull that houses a peanut sized brain. Joe enjoys ‘his not having to be accountable for screwing up everything he has touched in his decisions for America’, ( that he hates, by the way.) His cavalier, happy go lucky, sorry excuse for a human being, ice cream eatin’ simple ass is being protected and guided by the weaponized DOJ, FBI, George Soros, the all but wortless media, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Xi Jinping, China in general, Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum and GREAT RESET AGENDA out of Davos, Switzerland.

Look at the decline of America, since the Talking Monkees have taken over. America is on the Eve of destruction and all the Democrat evil empire can talk about is climate change. Gavin Newsom is another fine example of a Talking Monkee, this is not surprising as he is related to Nancy Pelosi, the ultimate female Talking Monkee, ( challenged only by Madonna, Joy Behar, ‘Whoopdee Doo Whoopi Goldberg’ and lost in the woods Hillary Bonehead Clinton, and a list of Hollywood ‘rehab has beens’ that could circle the globe.

It is obvious to me that we need ‘Imagers’ to run this country. There are many able bodied Imagers now working in Washington DC. To name a few: Senator Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan and others. I would also mention Ron DeSantis.

Finally, ‘supreme Talking Monkees’ in Chuck Schumer, Adam ( Betty Davis eyed) Schiff, Kamala (Joker faced) Harris, Corey ( Booger eatin’) Booker, Bill ( control the world’s population) Gates, Anthony ‘Fossilized’ Fauci, John ( stab your back) Kerry, and a host of others GOT TO GO, they have all but given over America to the ‘Philistines’ ( so to speak.) Written entirely by Frankie The Earthman.

” You don’t believe we are on the eve of destruction.”

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