Hi, I’m Jimmy Clawson with Colonial Penn life insurance, do you need some Life Insurance? Remember the three P’s– An actor asks, ” Jimmy, what are the three P’s? Jimmy replies, “Potatoes, Pancakes, and Pizza.”

Potential customer asks: “Jimmy, I’m 54, previous smoker, What is my price?” Jimmy answers, ” 9.95… and a price that will never increase.”

Another potential customer asks, ” Jimmy, I’m 65, overweight, hate myself and most everybody else, what is my price? Jimmy replies, “$9.95 is your price also.”

A third potential customer asks : Jimmy, I’m blind, have one arm, been in an out of rehab, have a fifth grade education, can’t hold a job, often do cocaine, smoke marijuana, have been hit twice riding my bike the wrong way on a highway, have been arrested nine times indecent exposure, what’s my price? Jimmy replies, ” You must be shittin’ me, you’re price is $5,000 a month. Also, your price will go up $1000 a month until you die, which I would imagine will happen very soon. He signals the cameraman to cut the filming. ( smirk). Frankie The Earthman.

Jimmy, I’m a serial killer. What’s my price?

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