IMHO, the plan to destroy America is as plain as the noses on our faces. The big question is, can over half of America be awakened from the apathy and ignorance that our elected Democrat party administration is out to destroy individual Americans and our society/nation as a whole?

How long does anyone with half a brain in their head look at the educational system in America and not see the “Spirit of Division” that is being pushed / taught starting at the kindergarten level? Do a multitude of Americans not have any ‘discernment’ about the “spiritual nature of things” and what’s behind this demonic attempt to destroy everything and everyone American?

I think it is true and unfortunate that a lot of Americans think that because we are a world superpower, we can not be brought down. How much history do we have to look at to remember nations that were on top and eventually declined and totally disappeared? Even the Great Roman Empire rotted from within, from greed, corruption, and Godlessness, among other self-destructive behaviors.

Even as I write this post, the nations of China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea are planning a new world order that basically depends on the downfall of America and Israel.

Just in case you believe in the “lie” that is THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION ; look at the democrats’ obvious neglect of putting America first. I find it very strange that these elitists don’t mind living off the taxpayer’s dime yet doing everything they can to destroy the system that gives them their exceptionally wealthy lives. When did America become so unaware, apathetic, and intellectually dull and slow? Excuse my French, but Joe Biden and his crime family have their heads so far up Chinas’ ass ; that they care for little else than getting rich at America’s expense and demise.

Let’s look at the Biden administration’s plan: Allowing the complete invasion of our country at our Southern borders. Allowing the drug cartels to control the borders. Allowing enough fentanyal and other drugs into this country to kill every American ten times over. Again, in our education system from kindergarten to university level ( being sold under the guise of unity, equity, and inclusiveness), we have a pathetic, destructive, devisive plan in place. The plan is to teach every child that the color of their skin is the most important thing about them. As we speak, in the state of Minnesota, there are plans to teach black children that they can not make it in America without the government’s assistance. The goal is total indoctrination by the year 2025. Mind you, all of this is done in the name of equity.

It seems our military philosophy is lost in the desert. There seems to be more concern over the happiness of the LGBTQ+ agenda, the rights of transgenders to have surgical procedures done, and the WOKE agenda in general, than there is in combat readiness. Someone recently said, “Does anyone really think when an enemy kills an American, that they are concerned about the gender, sexual identity, or the color of the soldiers’ skin before they pull the trigger? Looking back, I believe Barack Obama is responsible for initiating the decline of the American military. After all, Barack Obama is a ‘card carrying member’ of the Radical Muslim Brotherhood. Joe Biden is carrying on Baracks’ plan.

Then we come to the DONALD TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME. Are people aware of thepolitization’ ( sp) and weaponization of the FBI, DOJ, ( to a lesser extent, the Supreme Court), our court systems, mayorships, governorships, Congress, Senate and all the way down to local government have been affected by the radical left hatred of Donald Trump?

Why was Donald Trump hated so much, REALLY? … IMHO, apart from “THE Donald” being so financially successful and having a beautiful family, we must arrive at this conclusion: Donald Trump was/is hated because he wanted America to be first. The democrat Party ( and leaders around the world) do not want America to be first. They do not want America to be sovereign and hold on to it’s national identity of strength. Americabeing in control of its own destinystands against the Globalist Agenda, THE NEW WORLD ORDER, Klaus Schwab and the WEF out of Davos, Switzerland ( And for those of you in the know about spiritual things, the end game from the globalists is to provide a world platform/system for the Antichrist to step into and lead the world to the end of ‘this current age’, ( 2 Peter 3:5, concerning world ages.)

To wrap up, Joe Biden has done everything within his power to destroy America, doing nothing about the crime and lawlessness ‘rampant and rabid‘ in a growing number of Americas’ cities. He is a promoter of INFLATION. He is not able to handle the complexity of world events. He is sold out to China. He is a bumbling, stumbling, moron. All for now, written entirely by Frankie The Earthman.

Neurotic, sick America.

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