Every day is a bonus, from here on out. I have lived and died a thousand times, been close to death, reaching, grasping, groping for it, but not allowed to reach the shore.

I have been overjoyed in some moments of my life, desperate, disillusioned, deeply confused in others, telling God my death would be a comfort, a relief ; while at the same time being thankful for the days I have been given.

So, from here on out, every day is a bonus, as I have one foot in this life, and one foot in what is to follow, unsure of which to cling to. I am a baby bird, un sure of whether to stay the security of my nest or let go and fly. Frankie The Earthman.

I am a baby bird, unsure of whether to stay my nest or dare to fly. Picture from Fauquier High School Art Show, March 2023.

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