John Kerry says, ” We can’t be worried about genocide, we can’t be worried about the Chineses persecution of christians, we can’t be worried about China’s desire to takeover America, we can’t worry about China being in cahoots with Russia.” ( By the way, in case you didn’t know China, Iran and Russia ( among other nations) are prophesied to attack Isreal in an end time biblical prophecy, (Ref: Ezekiel 38, Matthew 24.) Kerry goes on saying,” We can’t be worried about world wars, the United States and China must ‘save the planet’ with extreme climate control measures.” Quote by Frankie – “Thank God, John Kerry was not elected President, the USA would be owned by China. Biden is picking up the ‘Kerry sellout to China’ and doing a damn good job.” Relief coming in 2024?… let us pray … also, who cares if AOC made her first Tik Tok post? She is about as bright as a box of rocks... Frankie The Earthman.

“The world will end in 10 years if we don’t save the planet.” ‘Just shut up about climate change, all you woke zombie reprobates.’ Photo from student at Fauquier High School, Virginia, traveling Art Show.

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