Let’s unpack this horrible tragedy. First of all, Gods peace to the surviving families of those lost in this heinous act.

First of all, before you call me a zealot, a radical right conservative Jesus freak, or any other derogatory insulting name, consult your discernment and ‘spiritual mind’, that is, if you have one. There is a big difference in evaluating and thinking about the Nashville incident and the ever increasing trouble of our world with your ‘natural mind’ as opposed to thinking in your spiritual mind. So be still and listen closely.

We have to ‘flash back’ to the 60s and the removal of God from our educational systems. Understand whether concerning a personal life or an institution as important as our educational system; if God is removed from the equation, SOMETHING or SOMEONE ( Could it be Satan?) will move in and take its place. So, to summarize: We kicked God out of our school systems. Secular Humanism took over. What does that mean? It means we start (as a society), the downward spiral into Socialism leading to Communism. In America’s case, it means the government began to take control of what is taught in our school systems. With the rise of the radical liberal left, we see what has happened. The educational system has been told to teach that “we are nothing more than talking monkeys.” So we tend to ACT OUT like talking monkeys. ‘Don’t dare teach about God in the school systems.’ It amazes me how many people do not understand that our government wants to replace God. How can a government that can not manage itself manage a whole country, let alone, each individual?

So, I will be blunt for those of you that maybe don’t quite understand yet. A person or a nation is either ‘for God’ or ‘against God.’ ( It’s a good idea to be either hot or cold ( like water) about most things in life. Warm water like ‘wishy washy people’ are not very effective.

Let’s go a little deeper. Look at the history of ancient and even modern Israel. God has placed spiritual laws that need to be observed. Whether we like it or not, these laws are for our own good. Back in the ancient days of Israel, God told his chosen people not to mingle and mix with people that worshipped other gods. God knew that eventually they would be poisoned by these unbelievers and their Idol worship.”

So, concerning the reported Transgender identity of the Nashville shooter: Apparently, he/she was ( at some point in the past) a student at this private Christian school. Was he/she rejected or mistreated by the school or individuals in charge? Let’s cut to the chase. Our churches find they are in a difficult situation concerning the LGBTQ+ community. Should the church have an open arms, come one, come all” policy or standard? After all, doesn’t Jesus welcome everyone? Here is a possible solution: In my humble opinion, we can not allow Satan to further infiltrate our already confused “watered down churches.” Have you ever heard of the phrase “love the sinner, but hate the sin?”

Churches should welcome those who are sincerely searching for God, regardless of whatever they identify as. However, they must be loved and helped separately from the ” body of believers, but not necessarily isolated from.” Now please understand this: All people are made “in the image of God.These people that are searching must not be “talked to or treated in a condescending way.” They must be taught and helped to understand that God loves them but does not approve of the lifestyle they have chosen. In fact, it is an ‘abomination’ to Him. Study the many scriptures that support this truth. They must be led to understand that God did not ‘make them’ the way that they are. I am not an expert, but I would imagine there are many ( ‘fallen state’, genetic, social, and environmental factors ) that affect people and influence their identity choices.’ People must understand that all problems have a ‘spiritual root.’ Until human beings learn to examine their heart and seek after the things of God, our problems will continue and further our decline. God has been kicked to the curb, and society is paying the price. WAKE UP! God will not be mocked or compromised. ALSO, GUN CONTROL MEASURES ARE NOT THE ANSWER, WE HAVE A BIGGER SPIRITUAL PROBLEM IN OUR HEARTS. Frankie The Earthman.

Unconditional love is found mostly in God and dogs. Picture from Fauquier High School’s “Traveling Art show.” Fauquier High in Virginia.

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