I would give credit to a wonderfully gifted ‘scientist of a God’ His sacred name being YHWH for His precise calculation of a round earth magically appearing flat.( as we walk upon it) The ‘ curvature’ is an amazing calculation. You might have a more natural explanation and give credit elsewhere, that, IMHO, is your unfortunate position. After all, we can stand on the South Pole and look up. We can stand anywhere on the earth and look up. Additionally, God, full of creative wisdom, had to perceive ( among many things‘ ) what His created beings would see when they looked to the stars. Frankie The Earthman.

Add caption. Pic from Fauquier High School’s Traveling Art Show. Fauquier, Va.
What a beautiful horse. Art piece shown at Fauquier High School’s Traveling Art collection. Don’t worry. The horse will not fall over the edge of the earth.

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