Really? you might say. Well, get your “Woke” mind around this: Douglass Mackey facing ten years in prison for mocking Hillary Clinton supporters in memos.

This is not justice. Crime running rampant with a “catch and release of dangerous criminals across our country. Is Donald Trump indicted on some bullshit charges, while the Biden crime family runs amok, and collects millions from the Chinese, and God knows who else.

We are now putting people in prison who criticize the democratic party. Seems we are either “for the regime” or we are not. Good night, Irene, the parties over. Bend over and kiss your ass goodbye. Frankie The Earthman.

Nancy Pelosi: You are guilty when they come after you. She said, “Everyone has a right to prove they are innocent.” All of you “woke” morons, can you tell me what’s wrong with Nancy’s statement?

Up your nose with a rubber hose!

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